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What is the National Board for Certification In Continuity of Care, Inc.?

The National Board for Certification in Continuity of Care, Inc. is a coalition of small professional certification boards that have banded together to take advantage of joint management and marketing services. Each member certification board retains its own identity and is responsible for its own polices and procedures, test development, and fees. As a member of the larger board, they are entitled to a representative on the management board.

NBCCC, Inc. is made up of a voluntary board of directors, comprised of health care professionals with an interest in providing certification with a process that is monitored and managed appropriately. Officers of the NBCCC board are Diane E. Holland, R.N., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic, president; Jackie Birmingham, RN, MS, secretary/treasurer, and board member Agnes McBroom, BSN, PHN, formerly Director, Patient and Family Services, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, CA.

Historical Perspective

In September of 2007, the National Board for Certification in Continuity of Care received $10,302.00 closing funds from a not-for-profit organization that was no longer able to continue its mission. The Board of Directors reviewed many ways in which the funds might be used to support professionalism in the general field of continuity of care.

By the summer of 2008 the NBCCC Board of Directors determined that many certification organizations could expand their programs with the help of advanced management services, including technological services, recertification services, marketing, financial services, and general administrative services. With a view to supporting these organizations, the Board of Directors revised its Bylaws to reflect new purposes and objectives.

NBCCC has reformed as an organization that supports development and implementation of certification programs in the field of continuity of care. Additionally, it promotes educational programs that prepare candidates for certification examinations and promotes educational programs for continuing education.

The NBCCC provides services to credentialing programs for professional competence in the field of continuity of care. NBCCC is incorporated in the District of Columbia and has a long standing and formal relationship with Professional Testing Corporation. NBCCC is financially stable, and has an elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

What is a Continuity of Care Professional?

Continuity of care is an interdisciplinary process that includes patients or clients, their families and significant others in the development of a coordinated plan of care. Continuity of care includes many situations beyond those traditionally associated with discharge planning or case management. Certification in continuity of care recognizes that the professional holding the designation demonstrates competency in the many aspects of this challenging process carried out by a variety of health professionals in a multitude of settings.

Continuity of care is an essential component of the health care delivery system, particularly in a complex system where there are multiple levels of care and rapid movement of patients between those levels. The certification process promotes quality outcomes in the health status of the patients/clients we serve. NBCCC endorses the concept of voluntary certification by examination for health care professionals involved in any aspect of continuity of care service delivery.

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